“I worked with Katie right before my first album came out. She gave me the tools, guidance, and confidence on how to take my recordings into the live performance with my first shows. Thank you, Katie, my girl in LA”

– Dua Lipa 

“Working with Katie has been huge for my singing. I never thought I’d have the live flexibility or durability I’ve found since I started seeing her. She’s a great teacher & I’d recommend her to any singer. Thanks, Katie!”

– Ezra Koenig (Vampire weekend)

“I’ve had an awesome time working with katie on my voice. I’ve been working on my technique for a while but until I met katie I wasn’t sure about how to actually apply technique to my songs. I sing with a lot of energy and passion and this kind of singing can take a lot out of me if I don’t properly apply what I learn in scales to the execution in the songs I write. I am very thankful for the way Katie has helped me navigate singing in a way where I feel confidence strength and power hitting all the notes I desire to freely.”

-Bryce Savage (NEFFEX)

“Katie Riggs has totally brought my vocal range back to where it was when I was in my twenties, and I’m 62 now.  I’ve always had a powerful voice and used to muscle up to those high notes. After 40+ years, those muscles were just too damned tired. I thought my top range was gone.  Katie’s guidance and teachings have brought a new concept to my singing – CONTROL. She’s taught me how to navigate through my different bridges and blend the higher notes. She teaches through specific exercises, the ease at which you can hit those higher notes. And plan and navigate your strategy through each song. I never would have thought I’d have this kind of confidence in my voice again. Katie is so much fun to work with and is a true master of her craft. I’m very grateful to have found her.” 

– Wayne Duvall

“Wouldn’t be able to hit these notes without you!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being the best teacher ever.”

– Madison Beer

“Katie is my go to voice coach. What she teaches is fast and effective. I have learned to understand my voice in a whole a new way. I’m able to implement and increase my range with the warmups she gives me which is helpful when I’m songwriting. She has helped me to sing the notes I want to without trouble. I always have fun while learning great vocal technique- keeping my voice healthy. So grateful for you Katie”  

– Nadya Riot (Pussy Riot, Singer, Artist, Speaker)


“I’ve been working with Katie for two years, and every time I come to see her I feel like my vocals become so clear and I regain control of my diaphragm. She has exercises that work, and truly challenge you. I’ve never had a lesson so catered to me, I truly appreciate her.” 

– Justin Park

“My journey working with Katie Riggs started in the summer of 2015 when I suddenly lost my voice during a show.  My voice would cut in and out and almost all power was nonexistent.  After going to an ENT I was diagnosed with nodules on my vocal chords.  I started working with Katie to help get through a summer of touring.  Her help got me to the point where I could sing and at least get through a multiple-night run. 

In February 2016, I had vocal chord surgery to remove the nodule.  Since my entire life depends on the strength of my voice, I was nervous that I might lose my gift but Katie and her teachings helped restore my voice to a place it had never reached before.  She taught me the proper way to sing and how speech level singing is better than going too big and straining to hit the note.  6 months after the surgery I was hitting notes I haven’t hit since I was in my teens.

When I had a TV show on Comedy Central (The Goddamn Comedy Jam) and we needed a vocal coach for the performers, I hired Katie for the 6-day shoot.  She got the most out of each performance with her instructions. Every performer killed their set and song and was super grateful for her help Since 2015, I have used what Katie has taught me and my voice is stronger than it has ever been.  She is a once in lifetime asset to help get the most out of what you have.  I cannot recommend her more!  She is a godsend. 

– Josh Adam Meyers  

“I’m super grateful for her help and will continue to spread the word.” Katie is a vocal genius!! Even with being in and out of vocal training for 7 years, I never understood or appreciated what a healthy vocal technique felt like until working with Katie. I have studied with other vocal coaches and the warm ups have left me tired, but my voice feels connected and relaxed after each session with Katie. After just five sessions, I feel more  confident in my mixed and head voice and in control of my entire range. The warm-ups she provides are fast, effective and fun to do! Katie makes everything make sense!!”

– Evan Boerstra 


“I never realized the importance of the health of my voice until Katie had to basically save it numerous times. All the things Katie has taught me has helped me through so many sessions and records. She’s always there to answer all of my questions and help me through gigs when I’m having trouble. Always great to know that she’s there.” 

– Amber Liu

“I started lessons with Katie when I first moved to Los Angeles when I was 17. At such an impressionable time in my life, she truly shaped me as a performer and has continued to do so over the years.  I have always felt safe and excited to grow with her because of her positivity, patience, and personal expertise from being a gifted singer herself. I have made tremendous leaps and bounds vocally and continue to grow thanks to her.” Xo Britt

– Brittany O’Grady

“Katie Riggs was instrumental in helping me grow from an amateur singer to a pro.  I still use her exercises on the daily. “

– Mark Wystrach, Lead Singer Of Midland

“Katie has an absolutely incredible range and the ability to show me in my voice what she does in hers. Thank you Katie.” 

 – Ozzy Osbourne

“Katie uses her unique talent as a teacher to help you connect with your voice in a way that is unmatched by any teacher I have ever worked with. Katie’s technique not only helps explore ranges you never knew you had, she also helps you to lean into your own individual sound which is crucial for all vocalists to understand & feel confident with. As well as being an incredible vocalist, teacher & mentor, Katie is also a true ally to artists in an industry that can at times feel increasingly overwhelming. I can not recommend investing in working with Katie enough for any vocalist at any level or stage in their career.”

– Aimee Osbourne  

“Katie is an integral part of my career. Every professional singer should have a coach. Katie is so passionate, totally educated about voice, supportive, encouraging, talented and all without an ego. I always leave lessons feeling like I can sing anything. I use her warmups on the daily, before rehearsals, recordings and on tour to make sure I’m singing my best. Thank you Katie.”

– Amber Mark 

““Katie, you’re the reason I can go on month long tours and still have a voice by the end of it all. I don’t know what I would do without your techniques and my personalized vocal warm up. And on top of it all you’re super fun to have as a teacher. Thank you Katie!”

– Jennifer Clavin (Bleached)

“Katie Riggs introduced me to the technique of speech level singing allowing me to find the root of where certain notes lived in my voice without having to belt or overstrain my instrument at any moment. Throughout our time working together, I truly came to understand the power of strengthening the bridge between my head and chest voice which is that magical mix! I’m forever grateful to her!” 

– Leslie Grace

“I feel so fortunate to be working with Katie. Her technique and her way of teaching is simple to understand and extremely effective. Since working with her my pushing and strain have gone away and my range is increasing every day. I can hear the results in the studio and in my live performance.”

– Michael Lombardi (Actor/Singer) 

“After 17 years of being a professional singer/entertainer I was gifted with the introduction of Katie Riggs by the manager of my singing group Next, Doc Clarke. I had my first vocal lesson with Katie Riggs Friday May 9, 2014 from 1-2 PM. That session changed my life. I’ve always wanted to master my voice; so I tried working with a few different vocal coaches over the the past 17 years and Katie has by far been the best fit for me and what I plan to achieve. The methods Katie has taught me has changed my voice from a fragile, overly raspy, quick to get hoarse voice that lacked control; to a clear, powerful, controlled instrument that compliments any music it’s aligned with; or better yet the best a cappella instrument I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Now I sing with much more confidence and freedom. I challenge my voice to do things I’d only dreamed of before working with Katie and now I do them with the greatest of ease. I look forward to my sessions with Katie because I always learn something new about my voice; music; and what I can accomplish through consistent practice (using the the methods Katie has taught me) and dedication. I would refer Katie Riggs to anyone who’s serious about being a better singer; mastering their voice, and leaving a positive mark in the world of music, or if they just want to be better at karaoke. Whatever your reason, Katie Riggs is a phenomenal vocal coach that can help bring out the best in you. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I wish you all the best. Be well.”

– Tweet (NEXT R&B group)

“I never thought I had some of this stuff remotely in me until I met Katie Riggs. The simplicity of this technique should be mandatory for all vocal teachers all over the world. I started in vocal lessons when I was 18yrs old. Before her NO ONE explained Chest/Mix/Head. We are talking 22 years of vocal lessons (thousands of dollars) with many different cats who couldn’t speak ‘simply’ about what was happening physically… and no one ever told me I should start mixing at “A or A#. Hell, no one explained what a MIX even was! They kept using fancy words with no explanation. I can go on and on but for now thank you for changing my vocal world.”

– Veronica Puleo (The Replicas)

“Before I started taking lessons with Katie, my voice was always having trouble on the road and in the studio, and wasn’t reliable at all. After studying with Katie I’ve had zero problems on the road. I now have the confidence in the studio I need to give the best performances I can. Singing is no longer a mystery to me. Katie teaches me how to use my voice, and for the first time in my life singing has become enjoyable and my biggest asset, instead of a burden.”

– Kyle Nicolaides (Beware Of Darkness)